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ModRiotGaming Donation System

ModRiotGaming was born sometime mid February 2015, with the goal of hosting gameservers from the half-life 1 goldsource engine. Starting off with just a single VPS and an idea, we've grown to the size we are today thanks to the gamers that have enjoyed the servers we've hosted over the past 2 years. Today we're involved in numerous modifications for both games of the Half-Life franchise, to include Garry's Mod [Murder/Stranded/DarkRP/DayZ], CS:GO, NMRiH, Codename Cure, Modular Combat, Zombie Panic Source, BrainBread 2, and many more.

If you've enjoyed our servers, and have the means to show your support, help us keep the show going by donating to the cause. Any sized donation is certainly appreciated, anything to help us with costs involved with running this type of operation. Transactions through this system are fully automatic, so expect results within five minutes or less!

What are Donations used for?

Unlike most other communities, all money contributed to the community through player donations stays within the community's private fund. These donations are then used to cover the costs of hosting and any other costs that the community may incur like acquiring premium gamemodes, modeling work, or custom code development.